Softride Hook and Loop SoftWraps
The Softride Softwraps Velcro Straps is a multi-use strap that can be used to secure many different things, including bike tires during transportation. To use, wrap the strap around the object, insert the end through the flat loop, then pull...
Softride QuietRide Tightening Hitch Pin
Softride QuietRide Hitch Pin eliminates the annoying "clanking" heard when starting, stopping or turning.  An insert fitted with a nut slides inside a hollow ball mount to pull it tightly against the receiver tube. Durable brass lock, stainless steel hitch pin,...
Softride Replacement Straps
These sturdy rubber straps attach to any Softride rack and provide a flexible, secure ride for bikes. They have seven holes that hook onto the cradles, and their long width adjusts to any size frame. This set includes four straps....
SoftRide Replacement Super Straps
The Softride Replacement Super Straps are the replacement straps for the Hang 2 and Hang 5 model bike racks. It is also a great alternative strap for carrying bikes with larger tubes on Element, Dura, Dura Assist, Versa, Alumina and...
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