Kuat Transfer Bike Rack

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Sticking your bike—or worse, a pair of steeds—into the trunk involves painstakingly puzzle-piecing your disassembled rides and all of your gear together without damaging anything or getting chain grease everywhere,  Fortunately for those of us who aren't puzzle masters, the Kuat Transfer Bike Rack solves the travel problem with an easy to load hitch-mount setup.

The Transfer utilizes tray-style mounts and a locking system that doesn't touch the frame. A rear wheel strap and a front ratcheting arm hold bikes securely in place without needing to put pressure on the frame's tubes or cable guides, and Kuat's PerfectFit adjustment system also lets you fine-tune the front wheel cradles to avoid any potential contact between bikes.

Carrying your bikes securely is one thing, but being convenient is another, but Kuat made sure the Transfer is both safe and easy to use. It folds up cleanly out of the way when not in use via an easy-to-use spring-mounted foot pedal, and it features a third locking position that angles the rack down so you can add a last minute cooler of tasty snacks and beverages to the trunk before embarking on a trail-slaying or pavement-cruising adventure.


  • Budget-friendly hitch bike rack built for tough, reliable transport
  • PerfectFit adjustment system ensures your bike will fit
  • Front ratcheting arm holds bike securely without frame contact
  • Folding design helps make storage a breeze
  • Multiple locking positions allow access to trunk
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