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Your pickup truck is not only a great vehicle, but when used correctly, it’s a tool with unlimited uses. Whether you’re hauling plywood from the hardware store, helping friends move large furniture, or loading up gear for a tailgate, the pickup is undoubtedly the most versatile vehicle on the road. Getting the most out your truck can prove a challenge because it depends on how you will use the truck. With a plethora of options and variations that you can do to your pickup truck, a topper is one of the best. The addition of a topper to the bed will enhance your pickup experience for several important reasons.



Transform your pick-up bed into an enclosed space

First off a topper transforms your truck from an open bed to an enclosed space. Having the bed enclosed allows for weather-resistant transportation. You will no longer be limited to carrying items only suitable for the outdoors. You will be able to confidently carry electronics, firearms, sporting equipment, and many other items that you don't want getting wet. Having the space enclosed also allows for secure transportation of your possessions. Not only have you opened up a whole world of new items to transport, but you can confidently leave them unattended by locking the topper. Privacy windows are also available to keep would-be thieves from casing your valuable gear. Side windows are keyed to keep thieves out as well. Adding lighting to the interior will make cargo management a breeze. Several lighting options are available from LED rope lights to LED dome lights powered through your vehicle's electrical system. The lights can be wired to turn on when the doors are open. Having a remote keyless entry installed is a great option as well.

Convert your truck into a mobile camper system

Another amazing benefit of adding a truck topper is having the vision and passion to convert it into a mobile camper system. Since the topper transforms the pick-up bed into a weatherproof space, you can make it a comfortable sleeping space. Toppers can come from the factory installed with an upholstered-finish interior on the walls and ceiling to provide a homey, comforting environment. Truck-bed camping can be outfitted from the casual weekend camper to making it a living space you can call home for weeks. You can simply toss in an air mattress and call it good, or spend more time and effort to build out a whole home away from home. Adding in a raised platform will not only add storage underneath but provide a perfectly flat “box-spring” where you can lay a mattress. The space is reliable and safe to sleep in, but since it's camping location that an RV simply can’t rival! If building out a whole camper is not for you, the topper will still provide a safe, dry, and reliable space during camping outings. When the rain starts to fall at the tailgate or picnic, you can load up into the topper and wait in safety for the rain to stop.

Improve your work performance and job efficiency

If you are a construction worker or contractor, a topper will improve your work performance and job efficiency. Not only are contractor-grade toppers available, but modifying your existing topper to a work vehicle can easily be done. Commercial grade roof racks are available so most toppers can carry long items such as ladders and lumber. Topper models are available with an internal skeleton supporting the roof rack to give a roof rating of up to 550 lbs. This rivals many lumber racks and will still provide a safe and secure interior area to carry tools. Various cap heights and rear door options are available to customize the topper for individual applications. A locking side toolbox is a great addition for the contractor. Instead of side windows on the topper, a locking side door can conceal tools, tool boxes, or an organized shelf system. Having a mobile-organized shop will make any job not only easier to perform and provide a professional image to the customer, showing you are serious about your business. Again, having all of your tools protected from the elements as well as would-be thieves provides a value that cannot be bought. If you already own a topper, adding a set of aftermarket crossbars is a great option to haul longer loads. Installing a track on the roof of the topper, then using a two or three-crossbar system is a great choice. The track will allow you to move the crossbar spread, creating better load versatility. For example, a set of skis is going to need a different spread than a 14-foot ladder. Another option would be to mount the crossbars in a set location with a predetermined spread to suit your needs.

Additional Benefits

There are several hidden bonuses. Believe it or not, a topper will improve your trucks fuel economy. On average a topper will improve your trucks miles per gallon by about 10% by redirecting air flow. The styling of the topper adds a custom look unrivaled by other aftermarket modifications. Toppers today are made with the visually-conscious consumer in mind. Advances in paint matching technology coupled with seamless lines and professional installation provide the topper the appearance as if it came direct from the factory. Variations in styles range from a direct-factory look to rugged outdoorsman styling so your truck will stand out from others. Having a topper has also proven to increase the resell value from both private parties as well as through dealer trade-in. Several people have turned their topper into a space to transport their pets. An optional pet screen is available to keep your dogs happy and safe. For the dog lover who knows their dog loves to get dirty, getting them from the house to the park in a safe and secure manner while keeping your cab clean is priceless. A pickup truck topper adds numerous benefits, both aesthetically and functionally! With a wide array of toppers to select from, surely there is one out there to fit your needs.

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