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Choosing to add an A.R.E. topper to your pickup truck is a great decision. Toppers provide numerous benefits that make owning a truck more enjoyable. The right topper is not only about looks but, more importantly, about benefits and features. Toppers today have a plethora of available features and accessories that will tailor the topper to your individual needs. Some options have to be added at the time of ordering, while others can be added later in the topper’s life. When the time comes to order a topper, it is important to know what features will make the topper work the best for your needs.



Window and Window Openings

Front Window

One of the most important customizable features on a topper that needs to be addressed at time of ordering is the window and window openings. The front window comes standard with a solid picture window; basically just a big clear window with no features.

  1. A great option is to add the tilt-down front window. This option will let the window tilt down into the topper to allow for cleaning of the topper window and the rear window on the pickup cab.
  2. Another option is to have a sliding glass front window. If you need to create a passage from the cab to the topper, this would be a great option.
  3. A third option would be a tilt-down sliding front window, which is just what it sounds like.

Side and Rear Options

One simple option for the side window to keep your belongings safe is to add dark-tint privacy glass.

  1. A half-slider is another option to allow air flow and ease of access to items in the topper.
  2. If you are going to be accessing items on the side of the topper, the Vented Win-Door is the best option. It is a dual-locking, tilt-up window that allows full access into the topper’s interior contents. It also comes equipped with a slider for air flow when the Win-Door is closed.
  3. If you are carrying valuables and need an extra element of security, an optional side privacy door is available. This will replace the glass with a metal, lockable door. You can also add this option on the rear to replace the tilt-up glass with a solid metal door.
  4. If you are turning the bed of your truck into a sleeping space or hang-out area, a full fiberglass walk-in door is available. This option adds a central door that can be opened to access the bed, or the whole unit will tilt up much like a tailgate on an SUV to allow full access to the bed.

Interior Lighting

A very important upgrade is interior lighting. Searching the bed of the truck with no light is difficult, and using a flashlight limits you to one hand. A number of lighting options are available to make nighttime use easy. All of A.R.E.’s lighting options come as an LED setup as compared to incandescent. Not only are the light’s brighter, but they last longer as well. At the simplest level, a dome light is available. The light is designed to illuminate the bed from the rear of the topper. A.R.E. also has rope-light options to provide illumination running from the back. The rope lights can be placed either in the center or on the sides. The sidelights are the perfect companion for the Win-Door option. The light can also be wired to work with a prop switch; when the doors open, the lights activate. All these lights have the option to be wired into the vehicle’s 12-volt electrical system, or they can run with battery power.


Roof Accessories

The roof of the topper has a few available accessories to consider as well. Consider having A.R.E. install a set of Yakima tracks. Having the tracks preinstalled will avoid the cost of later installation. The tracks add the capability of adding a set of Yakima or Thule crossbars. Having the added flexibility opens up the top to carry oversized items from ladders to lumber to canoes and other sporting accessories. The tracks also open up flexibility in adjusting the crossbar spread as compared to a set of fixed mounted crossbars. If you are looking for a rack with more commercial features, the AluRack Commercial Rack would be a great fit. The rack comes equipped with integrated crossbars and side walls to open up carry options, as well as rear rollers to assist loading longer or heavier items.


Storage Solutions

Carrying items in the topper can be managed with a couple storage solutions from A.R.E. One great item is the interior clothes rod. This versatile flip-down handle will provide a ceiling mounted rack to hang clothes and other items. When you don’t need it, you simply flip it up out of the way. If you are an avid angler, the interior fishing rod holder will be the great choice. Another ceiling mounted option; the rod holder has space for four rods. This product not only keeps the rods safe from other items in the truck but also keeps the rods high and out of the way so the whole topper can be used


Additional Options

Other accessories will enhance the interior of the topper.

  1. Toppers also accommodate dog lovers with an optional pet screen protector. This product will add a wire screen in front of the mesh screen to keep excited dogs from ripping the mesh.
  2. An additional accessory to consider is a 12-volt power strip. The power strip will tap into the truck’s 12-volt electrical system and provide three 12-volt outlets in the bed of the truck.
  3. A fabric headliner is a great upgrade if you are using the topper to camp or carry delicate items. The fabric headliner will replace the stock bare fiberglass and not only provide a professional look but also furnish a softer, more comfortable environment.

There are many upgrade options available. Cracks & Racks is here to help you choose the right upgrades and accessories for your vehicle. Do you have more questions? We are here to help.

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