Honda Odyssey Roof Rack and Cargo Box

It's easy to run out of space when you load up the kids and dogs and head out for a family vacation.  That's why a cargo box works so well, and especially well on the roof of this 2010 Honda Odyssey.

We helped this customer choose a Yakima Sky Box 18 to fit his extra gear.  With 18cu.ft. of space, this box has excellent carrying capacity without being excessively large on the roof.

As a bonus, like all of the Yakima Sky Box Cargo Boxes, this box opens from both sides of the vehicle.  So on a vehicle such as this, with dual-sliding cargo doors, access to the box is easy regardless of how you load it and where you park it.

The base rack used on this Odyssey is the Yakima 0140 Railgrab Kit, which includes a set of 4 of the Yakima 0138 Railgrab towers and a set of Yakima 58" Roundbars.  The extra bar you see sticking out will give this customer the ability to attach a couple of bike mounts in the future, if he elects to.  The Yakima fit calls for 48" bars, so folks looking for a tighter fit will find that length to be sufficient.

Honda Odyssey with Yakima Sky Box 18 and Yakima Railgrab Towers
The 92" length of the Yakima Sky Box 18 fits the roof-line of the Honda Odyssey well
Honda Odyssey Roof Rack with Cargo Box
The width of the Yakima Sky Box 18 will make loading and unloading from the dual-sliding doors on the Honda Odyssey a breeze


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