October Snow

There's a bittersweet feeling in the air for me today with the arrival of the first snow that has the potential to stay here until spring.  It's never easy to put the mountain bike away this time of year.  But with 8 new inches of snow on the ground, it looks like the season has ended in the upper valley.  As i write this, my bike is sitting warm and dry in my office still with red dirt in the drivetrain from last sunday's ride on Mushroom Rock.  Sure, you can venture to Fruita or Moab for a weekend, which is awesome, but there's something about riding from the house that i'll miss until next spring.
Then there's my neighbor, Beige, who probably rode his bike to work today, regardless of the 1" of ice on the road, and blowing snow.  He leaves every morning while I'm walking the dogs drinking coffee all winter long.  Studded tires only go so far...motivation and desire go much further.
I'll hang on for a little longer, hoping to sneak in another cold ride on Mushroom Rock before racking the bike for the winter.
I'll admit it - walking outside this morning, early morning sun peeking through some light snow, watching the clouds lift away from Red Mountain, breathing in the crisp, cold air - i'm getting pretty psyched for ski season!!!

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