The Top 5 Reasons Why Stand-Up Paddle Boards Are Great Exercise

The Top 5 Reasons Why Stand-Up Paddle Boards Are Great Exercise

Stand-up paddle boarding (also referred to as SUP) is a quickly growing sport, drawing in more beginners than any other. It entails standing on a long, wide board and using a paddle to glide through the water. Whether it seems too hard or too easy for you, it’s more versatile than you think and a great form of exercise and recreation. Put your board on your vehicle’s paddle board racks and head out to the water for these five amazing health benefits.

1. You Can Customize the Workout Intensity

Fast pace. Upstream. Waves. Calm waters. Gentle drifting. The options are numerous. How many types of exercise do you know of that you can do in a variety of ways and reap just as many benefits? Stand-up paddle boarding offers:

  1. Resistance training. Anything involving water includes resistance, which strengthens and tones your muscles. Go against the current or waves for an even greater challenge.
  2. Intense cardio. The sport raises your heart rate for an energetic cardio workout. Amp it up even more by racing your friends or beating your own speed record.
  3. Endurance training. You can make your time on the water last as long as you want. Try to increase the time or distance you can paddle each outing. As you get better, and if you want to be more competitive, add speed to your endurance practice.
  4. High-level maneuvers. Make things more interesting by completing an obstacle course instead of just paddling in a straight line. You’ll learn more moves and improve your coordination skills.
  5. Yoga. Yes, you can even do yoga positions on your stand-up paddle board!

Where you decide to paddle influences your workout as well. Because you don’t need wind and waves, you have more options in beach locations. The beach isn’t your only choice of water, however. You can also try a lake, canal, or river.

2. It’s a Low-Impact Exercise

No matter how intensely you decide to paddle, the workout isn’t hard on joints. This makes it the ideal exercise for everyone. It’s not too dangerous for youngsters and not damaging for seniors. It also is good for those recovering from an injury or taking a break from more grueling physical activities. No doubt you will still feel tired and sore, but your body won’t take a beating, even if you fall. You have a very low risk of getting injured. Combined with the fact that you determine how rigorous you make the workout, it’s easy to understand its appeal to people of all ages and athletic abilities.

3. It Improves Fitness

You don’t need to hit the gym in order to meet your fitness goals. Just get on your stand-up paddle board instead to improve your:

  • Stamina
  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Core strength

It’s a full-body workout, too, so expect to see results from head to toe, inside and out. If you want to maintain recent weight loss, paddle boarding is an easy way to do it. These improvements extend beyond your time on the board as well. You’ll become an overall better athlete, or even just a less clumsy person. Also, being in shape mean fewer chances of getting sick or hurt, or of having health problems. Your heart will be stronger, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

4. You Have Fun!

Be honest – there are exercises that you just hate doing no matter how good they are for your body. Paddle boarding isn’t one of them. It’s all about the fun. When a workout is pleasurable, you stick to it longer because you’re having a good time and the minutes fly by. You won’t even realize you’re exercising until the next day when you feel it in your muscles.

It’s also very social. The moderate pace allows you to go out in a group and talk to each other. You may even make new friends. You can also paddle with small children on the board, making it a family-friendly way to get outside and exercise. In addition, there are many places to do it, giving you the wonderful opportunity to see new sights and explore new areas.

5. It Enhances Your Emotional Health

Your emotional health is undeniably tied to your physical health. Of course, any type of exercise can reduce your stress and make you feel invigorated. But exercises that get you outside and connecting with nature have more of an impact. Breathing in fresh air, feeling the wind on your face, hearing the calls of birds and other animals, taking in the beautiful wonders around you—all these bring you peace, joy, and gratitude. These emotions help you live a more satisfying and meaningful life.

Paddle boarding isn’t just about intense cardio. It also can be a time for slowing down, relaxing, and enjoying the great outdoors. It gives you the opportunity to soak up vitamin D from the sun’s rays, which assists in calcium absorption for strong bones and reduces feelings of depression. It allows you to practice mindfulness and provides an adventurous way to connect with loved ones for stronger relationships. These emotional benefits will further boost your physical health.

What Are You Waiting For?

With so many advantages to your health, there’s no reason not to give paddle boarding a try, or to increase your frequency if you’re already a fan. Head to a Cracks & Racks store or browse our online inventory for paddle board racks to install on your vehicle so you’ll be ready to go whenever the mood strikes.

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