Thule 91725 Ski Rack Install

this wasn't just a normal ski rack install...this setup needed to have capacity for a family full of skiers and snowboarders, as well as their guests and friends.

so we decided that we needed the capacity of 2 x Thule 91725 ski racks on top of the the Thule 45058 Railing Foot Package.  Essentially a Thule 450 Crossroad TowerLB58" (58" Crossbars) and a set of 4 lock cores - Thule 544.  Since the 45058 and the ski racks come with their own locks and keys, we keyed the whole rack system alike for the customer, so every lock on the rack is controlled by 1 key....a customary practice here at no additional charge

As you can see in the images below, the 91725 ski racks are mounted partially outboard of the Thule 450 towers.  the overall length of each ski rack is 30", but the distance from the mounting hardware closest to the latch to the rear hinge of the ski rack is only 27".  That is how we are able to mount 2 of these side-by-side on 58" crossbars with an inch or so at the middle so the ski racks don't interfere with themselves.  There is a slight overhang of the ski rack over the crossbar on each side.

Chevy Tahoe equipped with two Thule 91725 Ski Racks
Looking at the roof of the Chevy Tahoe shows that these 2 ski racks fit really well
A Closeup of the mounting hardware for the Thule 91725 Ski Racks
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