Audi Q7 with Whispbar Through Bar and Sky Box 21 Cargo Carrier

The Whispbar Through Bar Rack System is probably as pretty as the Whispbar Flush Bar but definitely more functional with its extra bar hanging off each side.  This is important when you need more crossbar real estate to carry additional accessories simultaneously and or to have some added tie-down spots.

The Whispbar Through Bar fits excellently on the flush side rail of the Audi Q7

Go Big or Go Home!!  With this Q7 we mounted the Whispbar Through Bar and added a Yakima Sky Box 21 onto it.  You can't get any more carrying capacity than the Sky Box 21 and it doesn't look too bad either.  Space for the rear hatch to open all of the way is always a requirement when mounting a box and fortunately the Q7 allowed for that with even the largest of boxes.  Like all Yakima Sky Boxes, the rear of the box is angled to mimic the design of the rear hatch of a vehicle, allowing the box to be mounted further back on the roof, without rear hatch interference.   The end result is a being able to carry a larger cargo box without hanging over the windshield, yielding a much more aesthetically appealing look.

Turn your Q7 into a gear hauler by adding a Yakima Skybox 21
The Yakima Skybox 21 fits well on the Audi Q7
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