Softride 24232 Ski & Snowboard Rack- NO LONGER AVAILABLE!

Note:  The SoftRide 24232 Ski & Snowboard Rack is no longer an available product.  However, there are other options for bike rack/ski rack combos for the hitch of your vehicle.  Check out the Thule 9033 Tram.  This ski rack is an accessory that fits over your arms of your hanging style Thule bike rack.  This allows you to carry your skis and boards in the easily accessible rear of the vehicle, instead of having to get dirty by climbing up on the roof of your tall SUV.  The Yakima 2418 Hitch Ski is also an option, but in our expert opinion it is not quite as nice or as functional as the Thule 9033 Tram.

People are ALWAYS asking us about putting skis on the back of their cars and quite honestly, there aren't many options.  But, this is one of the better ones.  The Softride 24232 Ski & Snowboard Rack when attached to either the Softride 26247 Dura 4 Bike Rack or the  Softride 26321 Dura Assist Bike Rack carries skis and snowboards while allowing complete access to the back of the car or SUV while it's loaded.

The Softride 24232 Ski & Snowboard Rack folded down for rear of vehicle access

Installation of the Ski & Snowboard Rack is a cinch.  To attach, first slide out the Dura Bike Rack arms then slide in Ski/Snowboard Rack pieces and just like that you have converted a bike rack into a ski rack.  It really is that easy.

The Softride Ski/Snowboard Rack attachment holds the skis at an angle which is ideal when it comes to garage clearance issues.

The Softride 24232 Ski & Snowboard Rack holds skis at an angle for better clearance with garage doors and the ground

The Softide Ski Rack attachment has a lower opening that you slide the tails of your skis into, then they lay over into the upper clamp which closes snugly over the top portion of the skis, above the bindings.

The rack includes a lock at the clamp for a little extra piece of mind.  If you have a tall vehicle, no roof rack, issues with garage clearance or just want a ski rack on the back of the car instead of the top, then the Softride 24232 Ski & Snowboard Rack is definitely one of your best options.

The Softride 24232 Ski & Board Rack works nicely with the Softride Dura Bike Racks and is a great solution for carrying skis and or snowboards on the back of your car
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