The Beginner’s Guide to Buying a Ski Rack

Ski enthusiasts need an effective and efficient way to transport their equipment so they can fully enjoy themselves on the slopes while having everything they need to do so. Cracks & Racks specializes in quality ski racks designed to meet a number of needs so that our customers never have to settle. Learn more about buying the perfect ski rack for your specific needs.

Ski Roof Racks

It’s impossible to go wrong with the classic ski roof rack. What’s so great about this particular option is that it’s affordable and perfect for both large and small capacity needs. Now you can simply transport your skis and gear without feeling like you need a bigger or longer vehicle. Roof racks come in a generous variety, and include universal mounting hardware and integrated locking systems.

Most all have aerodynamic designs for a quiet ride up to the slopes. Skiers who have tall vehicles and short arms may be better off with a Thule Pull Top Ski Rack designed to give them access to skis and equipment without stretching their arms up to the top of the vehicle or dirtying their clothes in the process.

Ski Rear Mounts

Prefer to keep your skis off of your roof? Consider a hitch ski carrier, which pairs great with an existing bike rack so that you don’t have to add more racks and mounts to your car than absolutely necessary. Besides holding as many as six pairs of skis, you can also purchase a hitch ski carrier capable of carrying several snowboards. If you have a specific brand name of bike rack you wish to pair with a rear mount, your best bet is to go with a mount with the same brand name as your bike rack for maximum compatibility and ease of installation. Our favorite is the Thule Tram, coupled with the Thule Vertex Swing Bike Rack.

Cargo Boxes

Doubling as extra vehicle storage, cargo boxes on the roof make a great way to carry skis and snowboards. Cargo boxes are loaded with features including dual-sided opening; easy-to-use mounting hardware, locks and keys.

Cargo boxes come in different lengths and widths, but for the purpose of carrying skis, look for a box that is at least 74” in length. Cargo boxes come in different colors and finishes, are aerodynamic and can be mounted to virtually any style of existing crossbar.

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