Lost Your Yakima Keys?

Oh no, you have lost your Yakima keys and need to replace them, but you are not sure how to find out what key number goes with your Yakima lock.  The lock number for Yakima lock core is stamped on the inside of the lock core itself, so the lock core will have to be removed in order to see what it is.  Yakima keys and cores have a letter "A" followed by a three digit number, ex. A###.

yakima lock core

The lock core can only be removed when it is in the unlocked position and will require a blank Yakima control key to remove the core.

If your Yakima product is locked then you will need to do one of two things:

  1. Call a locksmith to unlock your Yakima product so you can use the change key to remove the core and check to see what key number you need
  2. Stop by your local Yakima dealer to see if they have Yakima keys in-stock. They can systematically check all the keys until they find the right one

Not recommended:

  1. Drilling out the lock. A person can be successful in drilling out the lock and just replace it with a brand new set of locks. However, it is easy to damage the lock core housing on the Yakima product with the drill bit and then you will never get another lock to insert properly. Consider this a last resort.

All Yakima replacement Keys, Cores, and Control Keys can be purchased at Cracksandracks.com

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