Rocky Mounts Lift Ops!! New and Very Improved!

Rocky Mounts Liftop Medium Ski Rack
RockyMounts LiftOp Med.  This has been Flush Mounted into a Whispbar crossbar.

So what's so great about the New Rocky Mounts LiftOp this year?  Get your pad and pen ready cause this list of features goes on for a while.  The LiftOps have added a new and improved universal cable strap mounting system along with a flush mounting option for those of us with the Thule Aeroblades or the Yakima Whispbars.  The rack comes with locks for your skis as well as for the rack.  They have beefed up the spring mechanism, keeping the rack up and out of the way while loading and unloading.  It has plenty of super soft rubber cushioning, making loading thick carving boards easy.  The LiftOps come in 3 different sizes for different carrying capacities.  And, last but not least, has one of the friendliest price points on the market.

Open View of the Rocky Mounts LiftOp Ski Rack
Open and closed view of the the LiftOp

The new and improved universal mounting hardware, or cable strap, has a very unique and user friendly design.   A hex-key and quick twist of the wrist is all you need to attach this ski rack to your crossbars.  The cable inside this mounting hardware can be extended or shortened by turning the hex head bolt inside.  This will accommodate even some of the larger factory crossbars out there.

Mounting Hardware for Rocky Mounts LiftOp Ski Racks
Left: shows the hinged cap that covers the Allen-Key tightening cable. Right: shows the mounting hardware completely closed and assembled.

What's that?  You have Thule AeroBlades or Yakima Whispbars!  Not to worry.  RockyMounts had the foresight to include Flush Mounting hardware with the ski rack.  This gives the rack a very clean and integrated look, cuts down on drag and mpg's, and removes unsightly mounting hardware from the roof of your vehicle. 

Flush Mounted ski Rack on Thule AeroBlade crossbars Cracks & Racks
This picture shows the benefits of theRockyMounts LiftOp flush mounted onto Thule AeroBlades: no mounting hardware; integrated look; less noise; better gas millage!

Well, sure you like it, but what about options?  The RockMounts LiftOps come in the three different sizes: Small (3 skis/2 boards),Medium (4 skis/ 4 boards), and Large ( 6 skis/ 4 boards).

4 pairs of Fat ski is no problem
4 pairs of Fat ski is no problem for the LiftOp Med
Beefed up spring mechanism keeps the top of the rack up and out of the way while you load and unload skis and boards.

It is always a pain when you are trying to load or unload your skis and the top portion of the rack keeps getting in your way.  This won't happen with the new RockyMounts LiftOps.  One of its nicest features is the newly designed larger spring, which really helps to give you the space needed to use the rack quickly and easily.

Basically, this rack can do it all.  With its many new features and a great price point it will be hard to justify going with another rack manufacturer.  Grab any of these fantastic rack options at  Free shipping with orders over $100.00!!

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