BordZ-Up GSR-1000, a rack with functionality and style!

The Bordz-Up GSR-1000 is amazing.  This incredibly innovative snowboard storage rack offers a way to not only store your rack safely and effectively, its incredibly stable design allows you to display your snowboard's graphics

This rack uses gravity and three points of contact to hold the board in place.  The three points of contact are covered with rubber so not to scratch or ding the edges or base of your board.  It also holds the board up and off of the floor, causing less wear and tear on your tip and tail reducing the chance of your board de-laminating.   By placing your board in a board rack like the GSR1000 instead of against a wall, you eliminate the possibility of damaging your snowboard your walls.

Dont let your prized possession be disgraced by leaving it like this, in a precarious position. Get a Bordz-Up Rack
Don't let your prized possession be disgraced by leaving it like this.
Keep your edges sharp and your base ding free, while displaying your sweet graphic, and keeping your snowboard from falling over.
Keep your edges sharp and and your base ding-free, while displaying your board's sweet graphics.

This snowboard rack is perfect for snowboarders and snowboard shops looking for a cool way to display their retail selection of snowboards.   The Bordz-UpGSR-1000 allows for each board to have its own personal space on your wall and will show off the artistic top-sheets that makes each board unique.  The snowboards are easy to remove and replace, so no matter if you are showing the board to customer or grabbing it as you run out the door to get to the slopes, this rack will not slow you up.

Super simple design. Easy to install and easy to use!
Super simple design. Easy to install and easy to use!

It will accommodate any type of snowboard with a waist measurement between 16.5cm -29.85cm (6.5"-11.75").  It has an insanely simple installation with included,  easy-to-use hardware.  The wall is your canvas, this snowboard storage rack can be mounted almost anywhere - in a garage, condo, bedroom...!

At we offer this product in a variety of package quantities. Available as a single, a package of 4, package of 8, package of 12 or a package of 20, Cracks & Racks has put together several valuable buying options.  So, whether you want a rack for your very first board, or for your own personal collection, or for your growing board shop and its displays, Cracks & Racks has got you covered.

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