Road Shower, The Solar Shower of the Future!!

Ever been in a situation where 5 gallons of pressurized water would come in handy?  The Road Shower is your solution.


This solar heated, powder-coated aluminum tube holds up to 5 gallons of water and can be pressurized via a schrader valve with a bike pump or CO2 cartridge.  It comes with a 4ft hose and a spray nozzle with multiple settings, giving you the perfect stream for any application.

Pressurize your Road Shower through its built-in Schrader valve with your bike pump or CO2 cartridge.
Pressurize your Road Shower through its built-in Schrader Valve, using your bike pump or a CO2 cartridge.
Different spray settings for different uses.

The Road Shower does not take up much room on your roof rack either,  leaving room for other toys and accessories.  It comes with universal hardware capable of mounting to any kind of crossbar.  Like the Yakima Round Bars, Thule Square Bars, Thule AeroBlades, or Whispbars.

Shows how little real-estate it takes on the roof.



Factory Crossbar or Aero Crossbar mounting hardware

Factory Crossbar or Aero Crossbar mounting hardware

The Road Shower has many uses.  I used one on a camping trip for drinking water, cleaning dishes, washing off my Mountain Bike, getting the mud off myself and the dog, and putting out the campfire.  This product is tough and has been field-tested on some of the roughest 4WD roads in Colorado and Utah.  No matter what you are into, the Road Shower is a great piece of gear that will make your life easier.

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