Whispbar Flush Bar Rack with Thule 92725 Flat Top Ski Rack

Whispbar Flush Bar Rack on Range Rover with Thule 92725 Ski Rack

Whispbar flush bar rack system with flush mounted ski rack
The Thule Flat Top on the Whispbar Flush Bar looks even better with the Thule Flush Mount Ski Hardware

Here we have installed the Whispbar Flush Bar Rack on a new model Land Rover Range Rover.  On top of the Flush Bar system sits the Thule 92725 Flat Top Ski Rack mounted beautifully with the Thule Flush Mount Ski Hardware for AeroBlades and Whisbar rack systems.  The Flush Bar Rack mounts into fixed points that come standard on the Range Rovers.  There are 3 different mounting points on each side of the Range Rovers.  In this case we used the front and the middle mount points so that it is easier when loading skis and boards into the ski rack we wouldn't have to worry about them hitting the rear hatch, when opened.  The Flat Top 6 Ski Rack is mounted without the use of the SpeedLink Mounting Hardware that the ski racks come out of the box with.  This is where the Thule AeroBlade Flush Mount Ski Hardware comes in.  While it does take more time and effort to install the ski rack in this way, it is undeniably a nicer looking installation when all is said and done.


Whispbar Flush Bar S8 with Fitting Kit K399 on Range Rover 2012

The Whispbar Flushbar on the Range Rover looks super sweeet!


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