New Thule 500XT XSporter Pro Truck Rack

Thule 500 XSporter Cargo Rack
Racks can be moved back and forth along the bed rails and up and down to the desired bar spread and height.  This application is going to have a cargo box installed.

The Thule 500XT Xsporter Pro is the one rack that can transform your ordinary truck into a work truck prepared for virtually any job, or into a truck capable of mounting almost any rack accessory for your next adventure.  The Thule 500XT is a significant improvement in versatility and ease-of-use over its predecessor, the Thule 422XT Xsporter.  Whether you are carrying lumber, ladders, cargo boxes, bikes, skis, or boats this rack can do it all.

Thule 500 XSporter Height Adjustment
Reach the height you want with the "Custom Adjust" crossbars

The 500XT XSporter Pro is equipped with its patented "CustomAdjust" bars that have a built in quick dial with numbered slots so that any desirable height can be obtained for all types of loads.  The crossbars have been designed in an aerodynamic shape to reduce drag and cut down on noise.  Thule has also added a "WindDiffuser", which is a textured rubber strip placed on top and inside the crossbar's T channel to further reduce noise and drag.  The rack is made of reinforced Aluminum, giving it the versatility of being light and strong capable of holding up to 450lbs.

Thule 500 XSporter Pro Truck Rack Lumber and Ladder Rack
The rack all by itself, showing off the aerodynamic crossbars and the textured rubber strip along the top of the crossbars, which create a quieter more pleasant trip .

Thule has also considered the very popular Toyota Tacoma in the design of this rack, by creating the Thule XK3.  The XK3 is an adapter which allows the Thule 500XT Xsporter Pro to be mounted into the tracks that are already present in the bed of the 2005 and newer Tacomas.  Keep in mind, the XK3 adapter is NOT required for use with the Tundra, even though you may have the track system installed in your bed.

Thule 500 XSporter Mounting Hardware Closeup with Locks
Here are the clamps used to attach the rack to the bed rail. The XK3 adapter will have specialized clamps for the factory bed tracks on 2005-newer Toyota Tacomas.

This rack is also equipped with 4 Thule "SecureLocks", protecting what makes your "work truck" a "work truck".

SecureLock Technology on Thule 500 XSporter
The 500 Xsporter Pro comes with 4 Secure Locks. Two on the clamps that hold the rack on the truck and two on the "CustomAdjust" crossbars.

Among the new features of the 500XT Xsporter Pro is the ability to lock the rack to the vehicle.  Thule engineers have listened to folks on the street and designed the SecureLock system to prevent someone from removing the mounting hardware and taking the rack off the truck.  Additionally, there is locking capability to prevent the overhead racks from being removed from the base racks (not pictured).

One of the complaints we've heard about the Thule 500 is that it doesn't include the Load Stops that attach inside the channel at the top of the crossbars.  The New Thule 500XT Xsporter Pro now includes 4 Load Stops.

Overall, the Thule 500XT Xsporter Pro Truck Rack is an extremely versatile rack.  Installation is relatively easy, albeit a bit time consuming for 1 person, so leave about 60-90 minutes for a complete install.  With easy to follow instructions and light weight materials, the simplicity allows this to be a one person job, but two is always helpful.  With the crossbars being able to move back and forth along the bed and up and down, it's perfect truck bed rack for damn near any application.

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