Whispbar Flush Bar Rack with Yakima Fat Cat 6

Up close you can see the Whispbar Flush bar looks like it was installed at the Audi factory. Also note the close cropped bolt in the ski rack clamp that allows the sunroof to open

Looking for the coolest, sleekest rack available today?  Then, look no further than the Whispbar Flush Bar Rack system.  The Whispbar Flush Bar makes your vehicle look like it came from the factory with a strong, quiet and useful rack already on it.

The Whispbar Rack on this Audi wagon attaches to the flush side rail that runs down both sides of the roof of the car.  On top of this system there is plenty of room for the Yakima Fat Cat 6 Ski Rack.  This is the perfect combination of good looks and efficiency.  The Fat Cat 6 Ski Rack is capable of holding six pairs of fat skis while still keeping a nice low profile design.  Instead of bolts that attach an upper and lower plate, the NEW and improved mounting hardware, called SnapLocks, with over-molded stainless steel straps that fit easily onto most aerodynamic and factory crossbars. The new universal hardware is tightened from inside the ski rack and once locked cannot be accessed without opening the rack.

The new universal SnapLock mounts minimize the hardware wrapping underneath the crossbar, which is good in the case of low crossbars or sunroofs. This is very important to note as most of the new Audi's and many other new cars have a lot of glass on the roof, and the sunroof, instead of sliding inside the roof, must now pop up and out to open.

Whispbar Flushbar and Yakima Fat Cat 6 looking good and fitting nicely on this Audi Wagon


**Updated** Yakima now makes the Whispbar WB-300 ski rack which integrates into the channels on the top of the Whispbar racks, Thule AeroBlade Rack Systems and other AeroBar configurations.  This new rack is the same dimension as the 3088 Yakima Fat Cat 6 and also includes the same mounting hardware as the Fat Cat 6, but is finished in the same brushed aluminum color as the Whispbar Rack Systems.

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